Mission Statement

Santa Fe Soul Foundation is dedicated to healing our community by helping the people of New Mexico access complementary alternative healthcare treatments and education.

By providing the financial opportunities necessary for New Mexico’s poor to access the appropriate health and medical services, Santa Fe Soul Foundation will help reduce potential short and long-term acute and chronic health care conditions that may result in greater costs for health care insurance organizations, the Federal government, and ultimately the individual taxpayer.

By offering experiential group education on holistic health topics, we hope to encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration, and empowerment, so that individuals will make more informed healthcare choices for themselves and their families.

Santa Fe Soul Foundation's board members share certain core values which shape our organization's philosophy, processes and goals. Our values include collaboration, empowerment, holistic, inclusive, sustainable, accountable, and spiritual.

We are guided by a vision of healthcare that is accessible to all pepole, holistic, integrated, and sustainable. We promote that vision through collaborative efforts that are empowering and altruistic.