Santa Fe Soul Foundation currently has two unique programs to help New Mexico residents access complementary alternative health care and education:

Pay It Forward Grant Program


This program helps financially challenged individuals access complementary alternative healthcare, such as acupuncture, biofeedback, IV therapy, chiropractics, and other treatments that aren't covered by most insurance plans. Qualifying individuals meet with our experienced case manager to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to one's specific health needs. Treatments are then administered by our outstanding group of affiliated practitioners. After the treatment plan is completed, you are asked to volunteer 4 hours of time or services to one of our affiliated local nonprofits. In this way, we hope to increase both individual health as well as community involvement.


To become an affiliated practitioner or nonprofit, please contact the Executive Director. To apply for a grant, download the forms on the APPLY page, fill them out, and return them to Santa Fe Soul Foundation.

Wellness Education (WE) Program

The WE program consists of experiential workshops that are offered to the Santa Fe community at a low cost. They classes aim to educate and empower individuals to make more informed life and health choices. The WE classes, which are taught by some of Santa Fe's finest practitioners, emphasize the values of participation, collaboration, holism, relationship and community. Participants learn about, discuss, and practice various self-care methods that equip them with valuable information and tools for making wiser healthcare choices. WE classes span a wide range of topics such as nutrition, stress management, prayer, yoga, meditation, movement, sustainable living and more!

The WE program also serves as a vehicle for the dissemination of wellness information to the Santa Fe community. We are currently partnered with other nonprofit organizations whose classes, workshops, and special events we help to promote. By working together, we create a network of support that helps to make Santa Fe a healthier place to live, work & play.

If you are a nonprofit representative interested in partnering with SFSF, or a practitioner who would like to facilitate a WE class, please contact the executive director.