Thanks to the Santa Fe Soul Foundation's inclusion of me into their program, I was able to receive UVB and infra red sauna treatments for my metastasized cancer. Today I am in complete remission! My old energy is returned and I am able to function normally again after four years of struggle. I know these treatments contributed immensely to my cure. Your work is a great asset to all of us who are trying to avoid the standard medical procedures, which in my case, gave me a 14% chance of survival. Keep up the good work, my friends.

                                                                                  - J.K., Santa Fe, New Mexico


My experience in the Wellness Pod workshop was profound. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about how to manage stress through heart-centered techniques, but in the process I discovered my own innate wisdom and an amazing community of caring individuals whom I now consider friends. I am now teaching others what I have learned and benefitting from these practices every day. Thank you Santa Fe Soul Foundation!

                                                                                  - L.S., Santa Fe, New Mexico


The opportunity to work with Rick [in the Wellness Pod workshop] and the wonderful group of participants was pure blessing. I am forever grateful for your generosity and hope that we will all be able to democratically share our knowledge and love of life for the benefit of all.

                                                                                  - A.P., Santa Fe, New Mexico